Saturday, November 29, 2003

i think my hammie is becoming a superstar now! everyone who see his pics say he is soooooo damn kawaii and loooooooove him dearly! haizzz... tat makes me sooooooo jealous!! haha! yesterday summer was showing me the yahoo auction of a chinchilla! so cute! the price is actually alrite but my worry is how to house it. summer say house it in the toilet. i say how can? wat happen if it drown in the toilet bowl? or wat happen if he thinks that my shower foam is actually jelly in some fruity flavour? hmmm.... anyway i still need a cage but it seems that its quite ex. ok...$$$ aside.. i scared tat my mum will strongly reject this idea. she already commented tat she dun like animals and she complained to me abt me having hamsters after i brought some home after my NS. imagine this time is a "giant" one coming to my home? i think she will scream at me and kick me or "him" out.... boohoohoo! but i realli love hamster and chinchilla! i think chinchilla is better coz its lifespan is abt 10x tat of hamsters. more huggable! hehe! dun worry hammie.. i still luv u too~~ yah hammie i saw a few houses in the auction. u want a new house? quite cheap also.... should i get one for u?

hmmm.. if i'm going to house "it" i can temporary house it in my hall now but when i graduate and move back the cold hard truth will surface...haizzzz.... how?

i got a few pics more of hammie! anyone interested? should i post...? hehe! maybe i shld wait awhile longer to make u all "gian" (aka salivate) abit!

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