Thursday, November 27, 2003

x'mas is around the corner! 28 days to x'mas! ok... i need to:

1. get x'mas cards.
- dunno if i should buy those off the shelf or should i get the papars from popular bookshop and i go online and find some nice designs and print myself?

2. think of where to go during this x'mas.
- i've never been to any x'mas chalet or party at all. i guess it will be fun to spend the night in chalet and all the frens can have a good gathering. guess it will be very cozy and nice too. haizzzz.... so sad.... no such chance yet... anyway if this year i going to stick with the HAWKers then most probably we will be watching LOTR early in the morning (3am show) and b4 that should be tok c*ck session... haha we have been practising that for the past 2 years so most probably this year is no exception too. hmmm unless i got a date lah then..... hahaha~~ but who is willing to go out wif me? -____________-"" ok... dun think too much.....

3. gifts for myself? others?
- hmmm... i dunno wat to get for myself. i've come to a point whereby i feel that enough is good already. i think tats good huh? i dunno how long no go shopping already that i nearly forgotten how orchard looks like! hahaha!! ok lah not so "kua zhang" but realli lor.... i more than 1 or 2 months no go shopping already. juz dun have the urge to go and buy things. hmmm.... looks like i may not get anything for myself this year.... hmmm gifts for others.... who want a pressie? tell me 3 good reasons why i should buy one for you and not even one for myself? haha!

from left: nice big biscuit! & opps! it dropped! (look at his sianzz half look... LOL!)

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