Sunday, November 23, 2003

so long since i last blog!

okok i confess. i've been occupied with playing gunbound recently. my roommate too! haha... we have been playing non-stop for the past few days. guess he is more addicted than me. as least i still spend some time to type my report. he will play when he wakes up and when i go to bed he is still playing! hahahha! i'm telling him tat luckily i only know of this game after the exams. if not 2 of us will DIE HORRIBLY! hehe~

i need to get myself tanned. however weather recently seems to be against my wish coz keep raining now and then. i cannot read when its going to rain and when its not... haizzz.... but realli lor i feel i'm too fair.... need to get darker to look better. ok i'm vain....

muz start my physical training tomolo if i want to pass my IPPT easily next month. hmmm.... also need to realli sit down and work on my FYP. things are getting tough and i really hope that i can handle them...

suddenly i'm thinking of alot of things again... such as wats life.. wats love... -_____-""

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