Wednesday, November 05, 2003

i getting sick of the food here in hall 13 and 14. i think i'm suffering from mal-nutrition. everyday is mixed rice... the only difference is that i choose different dishes or i choose malay stall once in a while (quite ex..). hmmm.... i need an escape from the food here..!! *yucks*! i used to like the western food in hall 13 but not anymore. their portion shrank drastically yet the price remains unchanged! i dunno why almost all hawkers like to practice this dirty trick. i dunno izit bec now the business is getting better and they trying to think of some underhand method to "maximise" their profit? dun they know that they are actually killing themselves? i patronise your stall bec i feel that your food taste alrite and the portion is good. now you short-change me, somemore the food is cold, do you think i'll go back? from this moment onwards, you lost me as a customer... isn't that worst? i believe there are many others who also think likewise... and imagine wat will happen if we spread this bad news around? its going to have a GP effect....

new pics of hammie~ i think he is simply adorable + cute in these pics... haha~

aiyah... tomolo got exam and i'm here posting pics... duhzzzz

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