Wednesday, October 29, 2003

tomolo is judgement day......

my series of judgement days:
30/10: E457N software engineering - KIA
03/11: E433 high voltage engineering and protection - KIA
06/11: E431 electricity utilisation systems - KIA (till jialat jialat!! x___x""")
08/11: E140 engineers and society - can pass...
15/11: E401 power engineering design 1 <---- last one liao! =D

wish mi luck people! pray for me!

*KIA = killed in action*

i think i'm a mix of the 2 types of pple below...

Has brightly coloured notes and a huge collection of coloured markers and pens. Handwriting looks typewritten. Spends more time highlighting and labelling than studying!

Self-explanatory. Food and drinks all around!

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