Saturday, October 25, 2003

muz realli thanx damien san for the night! "thank you damien san for your warm hospitality!" i believe everyone of us enjoyed the BBQ session! thanx for the food yah! its a totally different kind of BBQ i'll say.... the food itself is very different... very healthy... haha!

* 1st time i use olive oil instead of the usual "gu you" (butter) or margarine..
* 1st time i BBQ beef with the cap + onion
* 1st time no BBQ sauce or oyster sauce to marinate
* 1st time dun have the "common food" such as sausage, satay....

his house is very well decorated. although its not very big, it certainly gives a cozy kind of feel wif the correct deco and design. i'm very impressed with the clock! its realli unique! its shows the current time correct to the minute and is displayed by number plates. when a minute went pass, the plate will fall down and reveal the new time. hmmm... juz imagine it to be like the thick thick calendar that has got every single date on each piece of paper.... aiyah very hard to describe.... in a nut shell its a very unique clock that is air flown from japan! wow!! i also wana go japan!

had a great time with them... chatting... joking... eating.... yah... not to forget kalyn's air flown green tea ice-cream from japan! yummy!! oyishi ne!! realli very smooth.... great taste... coupled with sake..... wow!

its realli a surprise that our class can blend together so well, considering that all of us came from rather different backgrounds, involving in rather different occupations, and yet we can come together juz bec of our interest in studying nihongo and we all become good friends from total strangers! isn't that a miracle? =D

realli looking forward for the next outing! =D

from left: 1) food! 2) say cheese!

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