Sunday, September 21, 2003

i did not get the teaching position.... =( i know i did not do very well for the interview as i did not make use of the chances to express myself well. haizzzz...... i'm kinda disappointed.... i put in quite abit of hope and hopping that i'll get it thru the first attempt but..... or is that realli an indication that i'm not fit for teaching? of coz i'll try again but now i'll have to keep my options open... i dun wana graduate then become jobless... nvm i'll try and try till i graduate then i go for police? or even prison? or even civil defence? hey! got notice all are government jobs? haha....

below are 2 pics of my hammy with it's new toy. it like to tunnel thru the small hole from one end to the other as well as sleeping under it... =D

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