Tuesday, September 23, 2003

drsheep's recent blog entry is quite a good reflection of my current state.

i'm also now at my final lap of my education. yah... final year already... everyone is also giving me the "hey! final year already! juz finish it!" how easy it is said than done! i'm like what she describe: i'm tired... its realli not easy to push myself through.. i dunno wats going on nowadays in lessons. there juz seems to be a whole f**king load of stuffs that i dun understand. why? why i cannot understand!? i put in so much effort but realli lor...

effort or time =/= results.

i'm growing to accept this fact.... who knows how much shit i suffer? who can understand the shit i go thru now? worst thing is after graduation what happens if there is no job?

sometimes i dread of thinking about whats going to happen tomorrow...

from left: my P6 maths class, my P5 science class

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