Friday, July 18, 2003

my counter finally hit 3000! =D

jap exam is on sunday. still about 45hrs from now. now i'm only at lesson 2. still got 8 lessons to go. hmmm... looks like i got to finish till lesson 5 before i can go and sleep today. -____-""" okie i'll TRY my very best to do it! i must do my best for this exam! why? bec i paid for it! haha~

i need to get a life. yah.... always sitting infront of the PC is not the way man. i realli need to change my lifestyle. i've enough of the shit for the past one month, its time i live again, properly, and today is the day to start my new life!

ways to a new life:
1) restrict internet to only 1 hr/day (15mins blog + 15mins email + 30mins FP and JM). yes, i know its painful but i need to do it coz its leaching my life away!
2) indulge in books. i got lots of materials to read for my FYP + revision b4 the sch starts next friday. i desperately need a 2nd class lower honours at least even though i know its a last minute struggle. if i still got time to spare, i'll go and get some philosophy books to read.... hmmm...
3) training. i've not been training regularly recently due to the rain. hopefully the sky is kind to me to give mi rain only at night when i'm sleeping!

okie... i shall try out my new life for a week and see how it goes before i make any adjustments.... in the mean time, stay tuned to your fav crapper...

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