Monday, July 21, 2003

i passed my nihongo! =D

my results:
oral: 9/10
written: 82/100

i'm quite surprised tat i could pass! hahahah~~ i realli think tat my written sux big time! for almost half the paper i dun understand wat the questions are asking. the words look very alien to mi. the multiple choice answers all look so close, realli very difficult to choose/eliminate.... i think my "ti-kam" aka guessing skills is great! hahaha~ anyway still considering whether to carry on anot. hmmm... sch is starting soon and i'm worried tat i have no time for nihongo. i dunno leh... in a delimma now... i wanted to carry on... but do i have the time? if i dun carry on it looks like i'm wasting my time yah? i think my counterparts all did well and they did mention tat if they pass most likely they will carry on. yah if i carry on i'll like to be in the same class as them. hahah~ they are realli a bunch of interesting people! anyway maybe i email them and see how lor...

went shopping today. nearly spent over 500 bucks! yup.... tempted to buy the sony ericsson T610, coz i got discount at $398. i even brought the discount postcard along. then went sasa wana buy the CK crave (abt $45) but in the end no buy. after tat go A/X saw a nice tee (abt $60)... tempted to buy also..... controlled my desire today..... if not my wallet will pms till i siao! hahahah~~

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