Wednesday, July 09, 2003

its sad that the iranian sisters died.... feel sad for them.... i think they are really courageous. they have a common aim in life and that is to live a life of their own. yes. on monday they have finally done it though it was short lived, they were finally seperated. their dreams have came true.

how many of us can actually be like them to live and die for our dream?

juz now passby the bookstand and read the headlines of the Newpaper tat quotes the father of the Irianian sisters "They took them and they killed them.." (i hope i remembered correctly) i no read the article so i dunno wats happening.... but if tat is what he means then i realli feel that he is letting the grief overcome him. he forgot the fact tat its his daughters wish that they wana go thru the surgery dispite the risk that is made known to them... he shldn't turn his back against us now... haizzzzz.....

tats life huh?

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