Friday, July 11, 2003

my new layout is out!

yah.. spent the whole evening looking at the script + coding + sourcing for wallpaper..... i think i'll give myself 65 marks for it. not realli very with the layout and color as find tat its not very well matched. layout is quite messy too... hmmm... maybe is bec i wana include too many things liao. btw i alreadi reduced alot of my contents. i even forgot to include the archives! tat will be a long long columm.... *stress* however for effort i'll give myself 70 marks as this is the first time i try something like tat... so kinda interesting to me... =D

jojo alreadi commented tat the old layout is nicer, brighter, as the new one is dark. hmmm.... i see tomolo if i can get a better background anot. i prefer white background actually. easier to put things into it.... in the meantime this will be it.... wun touch it till tomolo.... i've enough of scripting today...

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