Tuesday, July 08, 2003

i realli feel tat my life is empty.

many of my friends are currently engaging in some work or business and all are so occupied with either their jobs or gfs/bfs/crushes/special someone. most (if not all) of them are realli like living their own lives to the max... its sooooo hard to ask them out nowadays. who m i anyway to ask them to include mi? wat is my importance in their lifes to ask them to spare me some space?

nope.. i'm not complaining about anything or anyone. its juz my sudden... nope... it shld be gradual... realisation of this simple fact of life. although its cruel but its true... no one live for the others. we all live for ourselves. unless you are special in someone's heart then you will be included. otherwise you will be excluded. its tat simple...

who am i special to?

how will i know if i'm the one?

haha... maybe tats part and parcel of life.... *ponder*

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