Sunday, May 25, 2003

my family is having the same old problem again...$$$.... why muz i be in a family where there is always quarrel over $$$? if we are realli tat poor then might as well downgrade to a 3-room flat! why still stay in this house for wat? why struggle so hard? i dun think my family is sooooo poor. yah the SARS thing and the war and the 911 thing has certainly affected my family in one way or another but i dun think we are tat poor as to always hang the phase "no money" on the mouth. recently my parents are quarrelling over housekeeping $$$ again. my mum is complaining to mi this morning that my dad is only giving her $xxx for housekepping. i'm realli surprised tat my dad will actualli give her so little... i think is even less than my monthly allowance... she says tat my dad is complaining tat he has no $$$... yah i agree lah its realli too much lah my dad to give so little. who can survive with so little? somemore is for the whole family.. is my dad so affected that he is really tat poor?

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