Friday, May 23, 2003

i'm thinking of migrating my blog over to upsaid after having "not very pleasant" moments with blogger.

firstly, the archieve is never working in blogger. for almost a year+ of blogging, i only manage to see it working for 1 or 2 months. the rest of the time it will be down. i initially thought that its my scripting problem as i may left out a comma or wat.. but it seems not the case.. i tried on a new registration and the problem is still around.

secondly, i need to supply my own "comments" box. although its not a big problem but upsaid provides it for me w/o any hassle.

thirdly, blogger seems to lag quite abit. i dunno y...

lastly, upsaid has a better control panel than blogger. more options. however, i still have yet to determine the user friendliness of upsaid in terms of configurations and scripting...

looks like everything will only be done after i get my 256k back. in the meantime, i'll slowly crawl with my 56k.. -_____-""

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