Monday, April 14, 2003

went blading todae! long time no blade liao so when lugi bros ask mi if wana blade todae i agreed almost immediately. but funny thing is that lugi bros is not here todae. kiat say his gf no sign the consent form so cannot come. hahaha! it was raining at city hall but we decide to carry on, hoping that east coast is not raining. cindy go and buy a pair of blades. nice pair! i like the silver color but its out of my budget. but anyway todae is fun despite the rain. at least my blades is a better pair than the previous pairs that i have as it fits nicely on my feet and i dun feel the pain on my toes. the road is rather slippery coz of the rain and i kept on losing my balance. good for mi todae coz i'm finally "fall-free"! heee! realli tempted to buy a pair, esp another memeber of our "blading learning clan" has bought hers... but i need to look for a cheaper pair.. dun wana spend so much on it..

i think i completely condemm sake sushi. went to the marina branch and i realli dun like their service and food. i think i can onli rely on my fav...genki! todae i tried the green pea... hee quite interesting... =)

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