Friday, April 18, 2003

after watching the dreamcatcher i have alot of doubts and i'm realli puzzled.

1stly, i dun realli understand what is the use of the "dreamcatcher". the show did not eleborate much about it, only asking a small boy to point here and there on the sketch of the "dreamcatcher" and also hanging the "dreamcatcher" on the ceiling. i'm telling my frens a joke: if the background is a streamboat, then the show will be called "the steamboat". =D

2ndly, how come the show ended with 2 aliens fighting each other? little fishy says that she read the book b4 and the ending realli is abt 2 aliens fighting each other. however, i'm diappointed with the "action". one of my fren actualli commented that its like 2 fellows wearing the costumes of the aliens and fighting each other! no computer effects at all...

3rdly, why did one of the guy wana kill himself with the gun?

i'm also puzzled y morgan freeman wana take up this show. economy realli tat bad? i think if not for freeman, i'll not have stepped into the cinema coz i'm not realli interested in this show in the first place. freeman's performance is not tat good anyway in this show.... i still miss his acting in "seven"...

conclusion: its a flop!

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