Saturday, April 12, 2003

tired.... i need ZZZZZzzzzz.... spend too much time infront of PC todae. from 8 to 5 testing out the macros. luckily the macros work so i'm 80% done with my project! tomolo my colleague will be dealing the rest of the macros as he will be working while its my turn to rest..... heeee =D

todae is 12th apr liao and yet the papers and tv are still talking about the leslie cheung case. yah i know he is a heavenly king but do we need to focus so much attention on him? i'm not anti leslie. i know that he had many great works in his lifetime. i'm just kinda tired out by all the reports about him. all the reports are about his life with his partner and what they have been together, how much $$$ and fortune he had.... is the press and tv actually trying to sell story to boast sales or what? as for the public, i know that many are his fans. however i'm not supporting some of their views. some say "if he feel that commmiting suicide is good for him he should do it..." i dun think someone shld juz commit suicide for nothing. yes i know it takes alot of courage to commit suicide but that doesn't make that person a brave man! i feel that we should all take things on a lighter note. almost nuttin is impossible to solve. if there is anyone reading my blog and is considering committing suicide i urge u to think twice....

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