Thursday, April 10, 2003

stress up wif my work today. my engineers and senior engineers are realli asking for the sky. how can i make a file wif extension .txt to become a .xls file with a click of a button? yah i know that its rather tedious to do that for 20 files but now they all are doing it what so whats wrong with doing it in the future? my colleague says that its like u having a .jpg file and you wan to convert to a .bmp file. u need to go thru the necessary procedures to change the format what.... they onli know how to say "its tedious to do it for so many files. i hope (want) you to make it simpler, if possible make it do using one touch of a button..."

juz now went to the library and find an excel book to read up. saw the explanation on macro. hmmm it looks easier than what i'm expecting it to be, esp i'm very new to macro. my gerger kind of tested it to be workable for my requirements. maybe i'll try it later to see the results.

the kitten is realli missing......

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