Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my kind of life

after 'tagging along' with many of the rich, famous and powerful, i'm becoming more satisfied and happy with my status as a peasant. they have so many protocols to follow, everything they do have been pre-planned, their life is almost always on danger if you look at the number of body guards they have, they doesn't really seem to enjoy what they are doing as they are basically going through the motion...

being a peasant myself, i can always dig my nose anytime i want in the public, i can go anywhere i like which i can afford to, i do not need to attend functions which i don't feel like going by giving the most heard common excuse like 'i'm going overseas', my life is not in immedient danger so i don't need bodyguards to walk behind me..

well.. maybe those rich, famous and powerful hope that they can be a commoner like me, or they don't? anyway i don't think i'll want to be them in my next life..

$$$ can bring you alot, but it can also take away alot from you..

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