Tuesday, August 04, 2009

blood sucking school

i received an email from the academic manager (from the private school where i'm currently on contract teaching) who informed me to set the preliminary exam papers for the upcoming exams. i'm initially delighted as i'm like a real school teacher where i can even set exam questions!

my joy was short-lived when i noticed several 'key' information are missing. btw i'm paid hourly for my teaching service, ie if my teaching day happens to be a public holiday or school holiday, i'm not paid a single cent (yah you can call me an odd-job labourer). as such, i asked the academic manager what is the remuneration for setting an exam paper but the response i got was "oh, there is no payment for setting of exam paper. HOWEVER, paper setter will be given the opportunity to invigilate the exam and get two-third of the usual hourly salary.."

i is furious!!

does she or the school knows that setting an exam paper is not easy? i've to think of the questions and answers and type them out!! do they even know how much time i need for all these?? its definitely not an one hour job! i think i need at least 1 or 2 full days for it and i'm not paid?? do they think that this is a free service or what? i'm even more angry when she mentioned that "i'll be given the opportunity to invigilate.." wahh like that i need to thank them lor to let me earn that two-third of the hourly rate! wtf man! its not as though my effort is lesser as an invigilator or the time i spend is lesser yet i'm not paid fairly. i'm not asking for MORE, i'm just requesting to be paid FAIRLY. i tell you, marking of paper is only $2/paper, and do you know how many hours i took to finish marking 90 scripts in june? i took minimum 20 hours and earned only $90!!! wtf!!

(for those more maths savvy, you will ask 90 scripts should be $180 right? oh yeah, thats because they consider paper 1 and paper 2 to be ONE script, so there goes half my money .. *angry*)

i is angry. very angry!!!! *rooooooaaaarrr*

now i fully understand why the turn-over rate of the staff there is soooo high! my students have changed dunno how many teachers since they started early this year. many even highlighted to me that their previous teachers are simply 'bo-chap' or 'lazy'. as much as i sympathise them for the lack of continuity when teachers come and go especially this is an important exam for them, i just cannot agree with the school's way of operating..

really, if i receive my much anticipated letter of appointment by this week, i'll just quit. i had enough.

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