Tuesday, July 28, 2009



mrs tan and myself will be the envy of many others on 09-aug-09, as we march into the floating platform for the ndp'09 parade!


the tickets came as a pleasant surprise when my chairman asked me whether i'm interested to attend. not to disappoint him i agreed but deep in my heart i'll not want to attend without the accompany of mrs tan. however i'm paiseh to ask for additional ticket as i dun want my chairman to think that i'm 'yao-kwee'. he seems to hear my silent plea and he voluntarily added another ticket for mrs tan!


not to mention, mrs tan was delighted of the good news that she immediately announced in facebook that she is going to ndp'09! =D

it will be nice to return to the parade after 11 years, as the last time i attend was in 1998...

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