Wednesday, July 29, 2009

anticipation + disappointment

*updates on 30-july-2009:*
i dunno if my call yesterday has any link but surprisingly, the recruitment department called me up this morning to clarify some points in my employment data. i don't want to speculate what is cauing all the delays but anyway its nice to know that they are finally looking at my folder and hopefully i can receive the good news soon!

i hate waiting and i just don't feel comfortable waiting.

i finally made calls to the departments that are processing my application.

called up the HR dept and the person in-charge of my case told me that she only has my particulars but not my folder yet!! arrrghh!! this means that all my documents are still kept with the recruitment dept but why??!! i've submitted all my documents 2 weeks ago and its still outstanding?! the person in-charge told me to call up the recruitment dept to check again, because she cannot do anything without the folder as all the necessary documents are in there.

ok, so i made another call to the recreuitment department. the person in-charge told me that my application is 'in-process and it should be approved soon". when prompted further, he was unable to provide me with any confirmation.

alright.. wait again. what is another week or two when i've waited for four weeks? anyway looks like i'm not going to hear from them anytime soon.. =(

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