Thursday, July 23, 2009

one of my students in the private school where i was teaching 'informed' me that i was being 'complained' by 'one of her fellow female classmates'!

i was in shock and exclaimed 'what?!?!'

i tried to dig for more details but the student declined to elaborate further, except telling me that its from a female student from the same class. my student didn't even tell me what i was being complained about! =(

many people if faced in the same situation will probably want to find out who the person is. for me i dun really bother about that, except to know why am i being complained and what did i do wrong. my reasoning is simple: i cannot be well-liked by all so there will always be someone who don't like me, however i'll like to know what did i do wrong so that i can change. if the person bothers to complain, at least he/she is giving me an opportunity to change and improve.

anyway till date i still haven't hear anything from the academic manager so i suppose she is either holding back or simply brushing this incident away or simply find that this is unjustified.

i shall wait and see.

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