Thursday, June 11, 2009

occassionally we will hear comments such as "aiyah, if given another chance, i'll / i'll not...."

i guess most of us do feel that way as well during the course of our life.

so what made us choose one over the other at that instance?
- is it all the good points?
- or it is a lack of bad points?
- could it also be a lack of alternatives?
- or it is our inability to choose 'no' as an answer?

if really we are given another chance, will we really choose the 'next best' alternative? is the 'next best' alternative really better than the one we initially chosen? who can guarantee that?

again, we are back to the square one, ie we can only tell if something is good/suitable for us only if we choose and experience it.

maybe by then, we will say that our initial choice is still the best.

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