Thursday, March 12, 2009

my 4D3N is bangkok has once again convinced me to salute this developing nation and we singapore as the so-called 'first-world country in hardware and third-world country in heartware' has alot of catch up to do:

a. all the toilets (and i really mean ALL, including rural places) i visited irregardless of the locations are very clean! in singapore the thought of using the toilet at mrt just turns many off...

b. thais are very orderly when it comes to taking bts and mts (our equivalent of mrt). they will queue up orderly in 2 rows at each entrance and will patiently wait for the last passenger to exit before they enter. in singapore its the opposite. singaporeans will enter before even the first passenger exits from the train. woot~!

c. thais are very courteous people in general, excluding those minority hawkers who start to cure you in a language you cannot understand when you don't buy their stuffs.
singapore till has a lot to catch up to do.. a loooooootttttt.

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