Thursday, February 05, 2009

i applause the government's effort in 2009 budget.

it has taken a very direct approach to help singapore as a whole. instead of giving singaporeans cash (who will ultimately spend on tours/not critical items), it has taken an approach to reach the heart of the issue: the businesses who will keep singaporeans employed.

i suppose also they have very simple assumptions:
a. all businesses will make use of the grant to offset the cost of hiring because they are losing money.
b. if they are not losing money, they will probably be kind enough to pass on the savings to the employees

however, sheng siong supermarket seems to think differently, as i remembered reading somewhere that they will use the savings to "open more branches and hire more people..."

so is this really a good use of the grant? it may seems good intention by many as a way to "hire more singaporeans", but i beg to differ: they deserve my applause if they pass on the savings to the employees either thru cash or benefits, instead of using the savings as "funds for expansion"..

i dunno if this is what the government has anticipated.

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