Friday, January 09, 2009

during lunar new year, who can resist the scrumptious and mouth-watering temptations of the all-time-favorite bah kua, especially if its from lim chee guan (林志源)?

the snake queue is forming again

at least my mother-in-law can't. she requested for it instead of the luxurious abalone. and being such a filial son-in-law-to-be, i embark on the much-touted time-consuming and physical draining queuing journey with only one goal: to bring home the much anticipated bak kua.

and so i arrived last night about 9pm at the new bridge road main branch and queue is already forming. yes the queue is
that short but i waited almost 45mins before i can pay up hundreds to bring my loot home. thats because an uncle and an auntie at the front bagged more than 50 packs at ONE try. maybe they should consider buying a pig and bbq it themselves i thought.

anyway first time i buy bak kua that hits the 3 figure. $132 for 3kg to be exact.

a gentle reminder: only cash or credit cards (>$50) accepted. no nets please.

anyway buy early. try queuing up 1 week before the lunar new year and be ready to camp outside it.

last but not least: pray that those queuing infront of you doesn't buy too much...

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