Thursday, January 08, 2009

after much considerations (actually i'm still considering..), i've more or less set my eyes on the nitendo (任天堂) wii.

nitendo wii

my rationale for favoring wii over competitions from sony ps3 and microsoft xbox360 basically lies on the below considerations:
  • price - wii console is about $100~150 cheaper than its counterparts.
  • play mode - playing by physical movement is more interesting to me than just madly punching the buttons. it should be more enjoyable for the whole family as mdm lau indicated her interest in wii fit to keep herself in shape...
  • wii is 'moddable' - simply means it can play *ahem* games =D forget about it on ps3 and xbox360.
okok i know wii's graphic is certainly not as good as the others, and i'll certainly miss out on games such as need for speed, metal gear solid, etc etc...

wii fit

now the question is where can i get the best value set?

so far i found the best 3 'modded' offers available:
  • ang mo kio - $530 comes with extra set of controller and 5 games (including wii sports/play)
  • orchard - $425 with standard set and 1 game (wii sports)
  • woodlands - $450 with standard set and 35 games (dunno what games)

any better deals?

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