Saturday, August 23, 2008

i got a new job offer.. should i move on?

pay is about 15~20% better overall than my current and there are alot of learning and traveling opportunities which i really look forward to. the potential employer has also been very patience and understanding which in the first time in more than 4 years of my working life that i felt very appreciated. however the picture is not that rosy as i've strong reservations about joining because of TWO main factors:

a. my employment history is too short with my previous 2 employers, about 1 yr and 8 months each. if i were to leave now it will be another one with 1 year which certainly does not look good unless the new position i can stay for 3 years or more... really, i'm quite sick of explaining why my previous 2 employment are 'so short' whenever i looking for a new job.. =(

b. there is only AWS.. no variable/performance bonus. almost similar to my current employer where there is no AWS but only variable bonus which sucks...

how ah?? i'm so lost!! any advice please?!!

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