Monday, April 21, 2008

imagine you are discussing with your colleague over the office phone when his handphone rings. what is his reaction?

a. he promptly asks u to put down the phone and attends to the other call and promises to call you back.

b. he puts you on hold, picks up the other call and promises to call the other party back and comes back attending to you.

c. he ignore the call and attends to you.

i really don't quite like it when situations (a) and (b) occur to me. i will feel unfair that i'm treated that way although i came first and rightfully should be attended first. also by putting down my call i feel that i'm not as important. although the other person's reaction may not be deliberate, its a sign of lacking in basic courtesy. if thats the case, then should i put down the call and call his handphone instead, knowing that my call will be attended?

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