Monday, February 18, 2008

you know what.. my backside is itchy again.. oh yeah i applied for jobs again.. haha!

maybe i shall clarify.. its not really like the previous time where i'm happy with my job and all yet i still apply.. but this time is something different.. i feel that i've overworked yet underpaid. everyday i'll OT minimum for an hour (i'll OT more if not i've to go for tuition), under constant stress by colleagues due to their incompetency and unhelpfulness, a crazy HR woman coming after me when i come to work 10mins late once a while when i OT for more than an hour, lack of benefits, inflexibility, no handphone allowance, no parking allowance, etc etc..

i know i've promised myself to stay in this coy for 3 years.. nope.. 2 years? wait wait.. one year? well.. i'm getting tired of this place.. i need a breakthough..

oh btw i've all the reasons to look for new jobs now: my notice period is only 2 weeks + i've nothing to loss in terms of bonus as i'll not be entitled any this year.. so won't it be great if i can find a job that gives me 20% more basic + additional allowances?

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