Friday, February 15, 2008

just back from my company's annual CNY dinner @ marina mandarin and i won for myself the 133th (out of 138th) prize: a S$50 NTUC voucher.. well not that bad, at least it can be used to buy some foodstuffs..

there are many colleagues who won the "bigger prizes" like hampers lah, vacuum cleaner lah, blender lah which are all higher than mine in value but they doesn't seems to be quite happy about that. one tea lady who won the hamper worth $200 was not happy as she said "its useless" and she preferred vouchers..

i've the same sentiments as well. the last time i won a crumpler bag in a lucky draw i wasn't too happy about that too as i don't really need the bag! i will prefer vouchers even if the value is lesser.. of coz lah if you let me win an ipod touch i won't really mind even though i seldom will use it =))

guess its all about what we want and what we won...

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