Monday, January 07, 2008

today i almost puked blood (literally) in the office.

was soooooo angry when i read my email. was damm pissed off by one of the department managers that he mentioned he has no problem of assigning an engineer for one of the more complex projects where he has almost no information whereas he has problem with assigning one for a very easy one, coz "he has no resource and need to know the scope of work".

what shhhhhiiiit is this? just because the correspondences include the MD so he is able to comply? crap load of shiiiittt! i tried to buy time for him and his staffs so that they can have more time to understand the work and yet he play "tai-chi" and nearly got me into trouble infront of my MD!

that KNN british! *puuuuiiii*

typical asians like me really are really at a disadvantage when compared to these "foreign talent".. we are just to honest... blame it on our brought up.. blame it on our education system for always reminding us to be honest and think for the others.. and what do we get in the end?


first lesson learnt in 2008: cover your own backside only.

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