Thursday, January 10, 2008

this trip to jakarta is indeed a valuable lesson for me..

incident #1:

on the way to hotel, i was trapped in a really bad traffic jam.. and there was this boy probably 9 to 10 years old, standing in the middle of the road, trying to look into the windscreen of every passing by vehicle, with his faint voice hoping that someone will toss out some money for him.. but each vechile simply drove passed him..

i really worried about his safety, and i feel so sorry for him..

incident #2:

at the hotel, i saw this little boy playing happily with his family and relatives. upon a closer look then i realised that he has a deformed right hand, ie its smaller than the other one..

i dunno how he feels when he realises that he is 'different' from his peers.. probably he may not bother so much at this moment in time, but what about when he grows up? i'm really thankful that i'm born normally.. i really dunno how will i feel and how i'll face the world if i were to be in the boy's shoes..

incident #3:

was chatting with my colleagues and they informed me that the traffic in jakarta is so bad that they require about 2-4hours per day, with 80% of the time either trapped in the jam or surviving with their transport system which do not operate regularly.

perhaps we singaporeans should be thankful that our public transport system is 'already world class' and stop complaining so much..

give thanks to what we have.. not complaining for what we don't. instead, work towards achieving them!

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