Thursday, January 24, 2008

my brother is one of the many who got his o'level results today.

thankfully, he didn't weep on his way back coz he got 20 points for L1R4. not too bad i'll say as it should qualify him for many of the courses available in the local polys.

so now he got another headache: which course to choose?

as a responsible member of the family, i wanted to give him some advice based on my few years in the working force, as well as experience i derived from my couterparts and friends, all in the hope that he can make a sound decision that he will not regret in the later stage of his life.

however, his words made me decided to keep my big mouth shut.

"i'll make this decision on my own!"

good. its really your life anyway.. you make your own decision so you shall blame yourself if you were to ever regret.

i guess its just so human that we try to impose our thoughts onto others, hoping that someone else will be someone whom we are not..

anyway on a happier note, my 3rd o'level student managed to get an A2 for her a'maths =))

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