Friday, January 18, 2008

just when i thought its going to be a boring friday, my MD proved me wrong by sending out 3 seperate emails, promoting a total of 30 out of 110 people at one go!! a quick calculation will show that average of more than 1 out of 4 staff in my company has been promoted!

just in my department alone, 7 out of 16 of us got promoted.

i was amused. very amused. haha!

one of my colleagues in another department shares the same sentiment as me. she was chatting over the phone quite loudly, saying "lelong lelong! come here got promotion ah! lelong ah!"

haha! i agree with her with my hands and legs up.

i have not been working very long, only about slightly less than 4 years, but its the very first time and the very first company i saw more than a quarter of the total staff strength got promoted at one go. so is designation really just a title? will their salary matches with their new responsibilities? i dunno, i'm not one of the 30 lucky fellows.. is this mass promotion really a show of appreciation for their people? or is it a move to actually trying to stop people from moving on? if i've really decided to move on, i'll certainly thank the company for that as my resume certainly looks better with the new title and the new pay rise! haha!

from this promotion i also realised one thing: you have to tag with the 'right people' to be promoted. ie if you belong to the group that is 'taken care of' by the boss, you will be in luck. its not because the others are not good enough to hold more responsibilities to prove themselves, but just because you tag along with the 'right people', you will be given the opportunity to hold more responsibilities. so which should comes first? opportunity or talent? you decide.

on another note, i just learnt today that one of my colleagues is leaving us soon, after only 6 months here. i think she is smart as she knows that she is not part of the 'right people'...

btw i'm also not part of the 'right people' =))

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