Monday, October 29, 2007

how is scaling and polishing a set of teeth for $70?

its f**king expensive!!! not only i say that, my colleagues also think likewise!! just in case u lamented that the service is done in the orchard branch, mine is done in the teck whye branch! you know.. ulu ulu teck whye? if the ulu ulu teck whye branch can charge $70 for such a basic service, i wonder how much will the orchard branch charge? $120 for scaling and polishing?

or is it because i'm working and is able to claim dental fees thats why they extort $$ from me? btw the usual one i went usually only charges $50 but sadly it was closed permanently as there are many branches under the same company around my area..

anyway how do you justify the 40% extra?? i can't... its nowhere better than the one i patronise previously...


their slogan is still "putting smiles back on faces".... i don't think i can smile after this visit...

please boycott lee & ong dental!!

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