Tuesday, October 30, 2007

chatted with my colleague as she took a lift in my car to meet her beau in the west and i realised we did something common within the last 6 months:

both of us jumped into this job because our backsides are itchy. ha!

we agreed that we both held comfortable position in our ex-companies, ie we can work independently without supervision, we know our stuffs well, the company treats us well, and yet we dunno why decided that the place is no good and its time to look around... most interestingly is our current coy happens to locate us at this right time...

ok another similarity:

both our supervisors sucks!

call us suay or what.. haha!

moral of the story:
if your coy is not bad, don't backside itchy and change
job.. there is just no perfect company in the world.. definitely no perfect

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