Tuesday, September 04, 2007

this week fairygodmama has been good to me so far =)

1. i decided to recontract my singnet on sunday but i'm unable to complete my registration before the network died on me =( and when i got home on the wee hours of monday, the $30 taka voucher which is supposed to be given for recontract was retracted! nevertheless, i still managed to get my $30 taka vouchers after sweet talking to a auntie-sounding telesales staff.. hehe.. i is 师奶杀手哦 =)

2. work has been pretty easy going for me as that fellow is away for this week and will be back only next week. by then i'll be proudly re-serving my nation again for another 3 weeks. in total, i'll not be seeing him for ONE MONTH! woot~ i wonder if he will realise my importance during my absence... haha..

oh by the way, i've applied for a change in dept and the new boss has accepted me in-principle and my current boss has also in-principle given his consent on my decision. however, everything will depend on my BIG BIG BOSS who will have the final say. if the decision is a go ahead, i'll probably start on my new position when i'm back on 1st october.. if all else fails, i'm simply jeopardising my career in this company... and that simply means an exit earlier than i expected..

3. i struck $20 for the toto draw on monday! i'm one of the 19067 happy people!

i'm looking forward to a nice week ahead! =P

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