Monday, September 03, 2007

its so so common that we tend to purchase more/better than what we actually need..

one very good example is computer/laptop. how many of us are guilty of getting the latest cpu with duo core technology and running at lightning speed when more than 90% of the time we are using it to surf net and doing simple word processing? do we really need that kind of speed that each character we type will appear on the lcd screen 0.01 nano-second faster? in addition, do we need a broadband connection of 10Mbps for that slightly faster experience which cost much more than a 1Mbps plan which we really do not require that extra speed?

next example is handphone. do we really need a $1000 handphone that can allow us to surf wirelessly, equip with gps so that we can find our way, together with a 5 mega-pixel cmos camera? how often do we use these functions actually? 5% of the time? or will it be sufficient to do away with the gps with a $10 map, a 5 mega-pixel CCD camera that cost only $400 and surfing at a much faster speed using our computer and on a bigger screen?

how about when we dine? is it necessary to indulge in expensive restaurants when it is possible to have a sumptous meal at a fraction of the cost at some great eatery outlets? does it necessary mean that fine dining is a symbol of one's status whereas eating in food courts and hawker centres is a shame?

so are we spending our 90% of our money on functions/items we use for oonly 10% or less of the time? or are we using our money wisely on what we actually need and not on what we think we need?

you decide.

i admire those who do not give in to the temptations of convenience and attractiveness *salute*

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