Tuesday, September 11, 2007

second day of my reservist and i cannot help myself from not writing the interesting findings of my fellow reservist mates i have observed...

1. wearing white socks under the boots (instead of the usual green) when in no.4

2. wearing green socks under the running shoes (instead of usual white) when going for physical training

3. some guys can be so talkertive that i simply dun see their mouths stopping!

4. super eleastic capacity for sleep.. be it 10mins or an hour, as long as there is free time, they will sleep

5. they have no problem playing golf, but will complain here pain there pain when its time to work

6. most of them may be professionals in their own fields, but they seems to have left their brains at home whenever they are in green...

7. specially for summerrainx: you beau is in the same camp as mine!! haha!

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