Monday, September 10, 2007

first day of my three weeks in-camp training..

0800: reach camp
0800~0930am: wait and wait..
9300~1000: briefing
1000~1200: ZZZzz in bunk..
1200~1230: lunch
1230~1315: ZZZzz #2
1315~1500: training ***
1500~1645: ZZZzz #3
1645: book out!

if only everyday is like this... =))

*** surprise ***
during training i received a call from Txxxxxxx and was informed that i'm offered a position. hmmm.. i've yet to know what they are offering as a package but most likely i'll not be given transport allowance.. =(( however the working hours and leave are pretty decent.. will update once i've more information =))

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