Friday, September 21, 2007

i is happy and tired today!

$200 is now safely in my pocket after 60 minutes of gruesome suffering for my ippt.. for those ladies out there who dun believe me its the most hatred task for all male singapore citizens? just ask any and i can guarantee a macdonalds happy meal for it.

my results are as follows:
pull-up: 10 (4 points)
sit-up: 38 (4 points)
shuttle-run: 10.2 (5 points)
broadjump: 221 (3 points)
2.4km run: 11.41 (3 points)
total: 19 points (silver with $200)

not too bad a result considering that i've only just trained for almost a month. but then hor i would have got additional one point each from pull-up and sit-up if not for the stupid chart that says >10 (pull-up) & >38 (sit-up) for 5 points instead of having the "greater & equal" sign... its so misleading ok!! =((

anyway this $200 will come in handy as the seed fund for the standard chartered marathon 2007 which i've decided to take part for the very first time!! i'll most probably be joining the 10km for a start. anyone going?? i need motivation! leave me a message ya!

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