Thursday, September 20, 2007

i can vaguely remember that i wanted to leave desperately after my first day of work, and i swear (literally) that i'll leave if whoever wants to take me in...

5 months here have passed within the wink of an eye and i seems to lost the strong desire to leave.. is it because i'm getting used to my current coy? or is it because i'm afraid of moving again after my failed career move here? once bitten twice shy.. i can't help but to be more cautious this time round coz i really do not want history to repeat itself again.. my weak heart may not be able to take it once again..

to suffer a pay cut in my 3rd year of work is a very good wake up call for myself that nothing is forever.. and money is not everything although it can make me feel happier at times.. well.. perhaps i should look at it from another angle: i'm ONLY into my 3rd year of work and my career prospect is more important than any other tangibles..

its time.... =))

fairygodmama.. bless me...

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