Saturday, August 25, 2007

today's meals were super unhealthy:

lunch was indomee - instant noodles dry

dinner was kfc - fingers lickin good!

i love instant noodles. i dunno why but i don't remember getting sick of it even if i have to have it for two or three nites in a row. still remember those varsity days were the time where i ate the most instant noodles, almost once to twice every week, especially when i've got sick of the food in the canteens at the hostels or when i woke up too late for dinner. however, as time passes, my consumption of instant noodles actually drop. so you can get how happy i am to eat it once again today! =)

i'm just so easily satisfied.

till date in 2007, i've patronise kfc much more then its rival mac and other competitors, i think about 4 to 5 times already in 8 months. by the way i've outgrown to be a fan of fast food but i just prefer kfc than the others.. maybe the herbs and spices used by kfc contains addictives...?? hahaha.... or that i'm really old to appreciate meat chunks sandwiched between buns..

no matter what, i heart kfc!

tomorrow must get some liang-teh if not sure get sore throat and heaty...

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