Sunday, August 26, 2007

people... meet my duckies... and doggie!

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today's turnout is not out of my expectation. smsed 15 people on wednesday and 12 replied that they will be attending, that including those i've not seen for the past few years.. i'm rather surprised of the overwhelming response as its so unlike them...

in the end 6 turned up. well.. i'm not saying we are losing all the fun and laughter without the others but of coz i've hope that more will attend to add up the numbers.. but then its up to individual to evaluate how important is the gathering to them, whether they are geninue busy or what.. coz that will latently speak of how much they value the friendship.. if there is any to talk about in the first place..

oh well.. perhaps unlike others who can the privillege to choose who they want to hang out with.. i do not have too many friends to begin with in the first place so i'll treasure those who reiterate...

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