Monday, August 20, 2007

surprise.. surprise.. 2 surprises in one day..

surprise #1:
call this super suay or what... 10200 applicants and i got the queue number 10074!!

WTF right?? how you tell me not to dulan you tell me??!! you tell me lah!! how to not??!! last time 1375 applicants i got queue number 1325!!


surprise #2:
after almost a month since i went for interview @ Txxxxxxx, i received a call again for another interview. oh well.. its either the people they wanted rejected them, or they shortlisted everyone they can find but without success so it seems i'm the best last choice left.. no fish prawn also good ah? maybe also bec the other time i was entertained by 2 fellows who are not in the position to evaluate me so this time i'll really got to see the real boss..

anyway i'll just go down and see what the boss has to offer without placing any hope =)

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