Tuesday, August 21, 2007

updates of the interview:

ehhh... nothing much actually.. the only thing that interests me is the chance to meetup again with the pretty recepionist and the HR gal... =)

this time round is more like a meet-up and shake-hands session. nothing much. everything ended within 10 mins. the boss said that i'm not suitable for the position i've applied for as i'm not experienced enough. instead, he asked me if i'm interested in the assistant project manager position. well.. as you know lah, i'm ok with anything..

but when it comes to the salary thing he was taken aback slightly when i told him how much is my current basic.. i think he might get a little shock if i tell him i still receive car allowance on top of that.. i guess the remuneration package won't be that interesting to look forward to...


but then hor, i'm not earning that much mah .. really.. believe me.. i'm earning peanuts.. thats why i'm moonlighting..

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