Sunday, August 12, 2007

i'm back from bkk.... and is feeling...

tired: coz i touched down at 630pm and i have to rush for tuition at 730pm.. X_X

sick (literally): coz the 40mins cab ride from hotel to airport is almost enough to make me puke my breakfast out.. all thanks to the F1 calibre cabby with the frequent hard jams of the brake throughout the journey. maybe i should count my blessing that i'm still alive typing away... to top it off with 2 hours++ of jerky air travel is enough to ground me from any travel in the next few months..

sick (really): i think is due to too much walking, too little rest, too much inhaling of super duper dirty and dusty air, insufficient consumption of water..

it seems that either bkk has lost its appeal as somewhere i can get really cheap bargains, or that i've outgrown that stage of shopping as a hobby.. to be specific, its not really fun to me anymore to find things to buy, instead of buying things because i need them..

really, i prefer the latter...

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